In 2011 Danny Lazzara founded the Lazzara Family Foundation, for his cousin Gregory Milazzo.  Gregory was born with Down Syndrome and, as his little smile and big spirit has showed us, so much more!  This foundation is a 501(C)(3) not- for -profit organization that supports research that is committed to maximizing  the ABILITIES of those living with Down Syndrome so that they may lead fuller, healthier and more independent lives. The Research Institutes that we support include Stanford University, Johns Hopkins, UC San Diego, VA PAHCS and the University of Arizona.  In their dedication to enhance the life opportunities of those with Down Syndrome, these centers are actively evaluating the cognitive abilities of those with Down syndrome and the role of biomedical modalities to potentiate cognition in these individuals.  Roche Pharmaceutical, one of the largest in the world, has taken the basic research findings from the above mentioned Institutes laboratories and is now conducting clinical 1 human trials. This is a major breakthrough because most research never gets out of the lab and human trials are often 20 – 25 years in the making. The speed in which a major pharmaceutical company has gone into human trials proves that we are on the right path. Your support is what has made this happen and our thanks and gratitude cannot be expressed enough.

          Along with Gregory’s parents, Lisa and Gregory, Danny is joined by Mark Piserchio, father of Salvatore, and Jack Dean, father of Jarrett, who were both also born with Down Syndrome.  The remainder of our committee is made up solely of family and close friends who selflessly donate their time to raise funds for research.  It is our hope that you can join us as we celebrate our children’s and young adults many triumphs as we embrace them for all that they are, in great hope for all that they can become.

          Beginning at 10 Am, Monday, April 29, 2019, the 9th annual Libretti’s Charity Golf Outing will convene at The Maplewood Country Club. The outing is a rewarding fun-filled event which includes breakfast, lunch, green fees, a cart and contest games followed by cocktail hour, dinner and open bar at Libretti’s Restaurant.  Please email us if you have any questions regarding our foundation.  We wish to extend our heartfelt thanks to all who have been supportive throughout our loved ones journeys.

Downs Syndrome Stories

Downs Syndrome Stories
Jarrett Dean is a 38 year old young man that lives in Ridgewood with his parents. He has worked at Dunkin Donuts for the past 7 years and also attends a day program for adults with his friends. Soon he will be realizing something he has dreamed about for a long time, moving into his own apartment in special needs housing in his home town. He likes music, art, boxing, basketball, bowling and rooting for his favorite teams like the Yankees and the Devils. But most of all he loves being with his family especially his brother Jon.

Downs Syndrome Stories

Hi my name is Gregory but I like my family and friends to call me Greg like my dad. I'm 10 years old and I have a 7 year old brother Julian and a 4 year old brother Luca. I go to the same school as my brothers, it’s so much fun to see them at lunch and recess everyday. Every week I still visit my pal horses at Special Stride and my instructor Charlene. I love to go swimming and play at the park with my brothers and father. This year I played in a basketball clinic and played spring and fall ball with Julian. My favorite part of the last year was summer camp, I made so many new friends and can hardly wait to go back this year. Im looking forward to summer so I can unwind from the long school year and relax in my pool with my brothers and the beach with all my cousins. I hope you have a great summer too!! 


Downs Syndrome Stories

My name is Salvatore Piserchio but everyone calls me Sal. I am 12 years old and I have a bright future ahead of me. I just competed in my first state tournament for Tae Kwon Do and I might be going to the nationals in Florida in July. I started taking golf lessons last year and I really enjoy practicing that as well. Hopefully one day I will get to play in this great outing. I am very lucky to have a lot of people who love me very much and help me become a better person every day. Thank you all for coming out today and donating to a great cause.    

Thank you for supporting RDS and helping those of us with Down Syndrome live longer fuller lives.

Hugs & Kisses,



Downs Syndrome Stories

Committee Members

Danny Lazzara (Chairman): librettis@gmail.com
Dawn Lazzara: dawnmlazzara@aol.com
Mark Piserchio: M.Piserchio@comcast.net
Jack Dean: jdean@re-tron.com
Lisa and Gregory Milazzo: lgmilazzo@aol.com
Lou and Patti Piserchio: piser6@comcast.net and loupiserchio@comcast.net
Erin Faraone: EFaraone@matrimoniallawnj.com
Joseph Amato: joeamail@yahoo.com
Ralph Gamba: radaga@aol.com


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